In early 2015, Rogers began a 5 year journey in the largest office transformation program in Canadian history. Working with architect and construction teams HOK, and OCS+Steelcase, a new modular, open concept workspace - Sharespace, was developed. The project began with corporate head quarters - a million square foot building in Brampton and 3 office towers in the heart of Toronto. The philosophy was then applied to secondary spaces across the country and support centres internationally. 
Our team was engaged in the early phases of construction and worked at first to define a visual architecture application strategy to all environmental graphics. As construction progressed, we championed the design and implementation of all spatial graphics, internal branding and a complete wayfinding system. We built a strategy to support and re-enforce the community layers set in place by the architectural building philosophy. Spaces were categorized by North, South, East, West and themed with varying Canadian inspired subjects based on building type. Mountain, Prarie, Sea and Shield are the definition of diverse Canadian topography and have been used to lead the neighbourhood spatial themes. A custom colour palette, system of illustrative patterns, iconography, photography and language approach define each neighbourhood while connecting to the master system and the NSEW philosophy. 

Lead Designer: Janki Lathia
Graphic Designer: Charlotte Butcher
Art Direction: Keith Jones