The Ted Cafe


Working with the architect teams, builders and food services vendor we created a completely branded environment to challenge any the typical cafeteria setting. The visual strategy; the exterior layer - an overall thematic owned by Ted history; the inset layer - individual food stations identity system; and at the central layer - branded communication and interactive experiences. The overall theme for the space leveraged historical content, classic advertisments, and milestone imagery. A mosaic pattern of retro imagery became the underlying wallpaper throughout space. Digital signage, tent cards, menu boards all carried the theme. Feature walls stylized with distressed, hand painted brick, and food iconography add personality while supporting the overall tone. 

Working colsely with the food services vendor, the our team designed and built out all customer interactive experiences; digital menus, self-order kiosks, table cards, menu features iconography, food photography, uniforms, as well as all spatial graphics and collages.

Designers: Janki Lathia, Charlotte Butcher
Creative Direction: Keith Jones